10 Questions for Ultimate Human Potential

By on September 25, 2015
Quiz, spiritual enlightenment and samadhi 10 questions for higher consciousness

I have just made a Slideshare quiz that I think you will enjoy doing.

The quiz is about your ability to live in joy and bliss and love no matter what is going on around you.

There are 1o questions in the quiz and they range from checking to see how you wake up in the morning to how would you feel if you had your car stolen.

Please feel free to take the quiz and let me know your results. When you take the quiz if you find that it is really obvious that you are in the ‘suffering” range of 10-50% then know that you are accompanied by about 99.9% of the worlds population!

And from my experience as soon as you start to focus in shifting your consciousness your life starts to transform in ways that you could not imagine.

Thanks and enjoy

Click here for the Slideshare 

There is another test of happiness from Harvard University that you may want to take that is not as harsh as mine. You will find the link to that test below

Happiness test here 

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I am an internationally known explorer, the first person in the world to lead expeditions to the 3 extremes, North Pole, South Pole and Everest. I went on to lead the Pole to Pole 2000 project, that inspired 63 million youth to take action for a healthier planet, the documentary was featured on prime time TV worldwide. I then spent 7 years studying and teaching enlightenment with the remarkable enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda in India and worldwide. I continue to teach worldwide.

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