How to delight in having fun with Fear

By on October 25, 2014

How To Delight in Having Fun with Fear

Fear is one of the core deep wounds that keep humankind from living a life of delight, imagination, and love. Fear of being alone is among the huge contributors to grief, and I have written in a lot more detail about grief in the blog post here.

Another extremely popular blogger, Scott Berkum, likewise discusses fear.

I agree with many of the points he makes, however he does miss out on the essential point, which he begins to make at the end of the tale, but he does not expand it to its full expression.

He states, “So little of our lives includes anything with these kinds of threats any longer, however the amygdala hasn’t figured that our yet. This means when there is fear in your heart there is opportunity too, if you’re willing to do the work to find it.”

 You can read more on his perspectives HERE

When you do the work to find enlightenment, you uncover that all of life is, in fact, high adventure, exciting, thrilling, and filled with love!

Let’s look at an example. I was recently imprisoned, and while I was in jail I had a thrilling time since I had no fear. Instead, I found myself very curious about the other individuals, how the place ran, the state of mind of the guards, and so on. Honestly, it was among the highlights of the year, since I did not know exactly what I’d get out of each moment.

Scott is on the right track, however, he missed the huge point: coping with less fear makes life much more lively and is worth striving for. Aren’t we destined to live in complete vibrancy? It resembles going to Disney and only taking the dull rides. Who wishes to do that?


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