Is Lucy Enlightened?

By on July 28, 2014
Lucy: The Hit movie Lucy starring Scarlett Johansseon attempts to show enlightenment

The hot new movie starring Scarlett Johansson as Lucy engages us in a shoot em up globe trot into the world of gangsters and increasing brain capacity and consciousness.

Lucy, a young hip party goer, has the misfortune to absorb a huge amount of a mind altering drug, with the effect of doubling and tripling her brain capacity.  This dials up her abilities and perceptions in ways that are often attributed to enlightened beings. She can suddenly see through walls, read thoughts, move objects and move her body in extraordinary ways.

But is she behaving in an enlightened way?  Slate Magazine movie reviewer Dana Stevens says that Lucy is not demonstrating this:

“The only place she never took me was to a place of caring what happened next, whether to Lucy I, Lucy II, or the planet”

“For one thing, there’s the no-inner-life problem I mentioned. From the moment she gets chemically ensmartened, Lucy loses virtually every shred of doubt, pain, fear, or physical vulnerability, making her a singularly unrewarding heroine to continue investing our own emotional resources in.”

NPR reviewer says:

“Meanwhile at the grown-up table, ScarJo holds court with the eggheads. “Now that I have access to the furthest reaches of my brain, I see things clearly,” she begins.

It doesn’t even sound clunky when she says it. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a movie star.”

I have heard that in person from enlightened masters who spoke with intensity and no clunkyness, but were not movie stars!

I personally have spent time with enlightened beings who displayed many of the same qualities that Lucy discovers as her brain expands. I have seen enlightened masters materialize objects thousands of miles away, seen them repeat conversations that took place in other rooms, make objects larger and smaller, and reduce the weight of objects on scales by several thousand pounds. I have seen enlightened beings moving beyond pain as Lucy does in the movie.

These are just a few of the potential gifts of enlightenment. (Enlightened masters would refer to them as the side-show aspects of enlightenment). The bigger gifts are infinite love and compassion, plus the overflowing dedication to help others investigate and realize their potential.

Unfortunately in the movie we don’t see much evidence of that, but it does not mean that Lucy is not experiencing it internally.

Instead we see Lucy nonchalantly eradicating violent gangsters, innocent bystanders, and anyone else that stood in her way.

So we are left with no answer as she does not share her internal world with us

For me the learning from the movie is that Lucy sees potentiality in herself, decides to explore it, and use it for the good of all after receiving council from the eminent brain researcher Dr Norman, played by Morgan Freeman .

This is a universal theme of everyone who chooses to investigate their possibilities. As we search with an open mind we indeed discover that others have trod this path before, our potential is far bigger than we think, it is easier than we think, and finally, the investigation of our enlightened potential is one of the best games in town. Obviously I recommend the best way to begin is to use the services of a Spiritual Life Coach.


The NPR Review is here:

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I am an internationally known explorer, the first person in the world to lead expeditions to the 3 extremes, North Pole, South Pole and Everest. I went on to lead the Pole to Pole 2000 project, that inspired 63 million youth to take action for a healthier planet, the documentary was featured on prime time TV worldwide. I then spent 7 years studying and teaching enlightenment with the remarkable enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda in India and worldwide. I continue to teach worldwide.

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