Spiritual enlightenment and Awakening to Satori


Spiritual enlightenment, Moksha and mystical awakenings

Spiritual enlightenment, Moksha and mystical awakenings

This post is all about meditations and how it helps Increasing unconditional love. On this web site we have lots of information including the Free course how to reach enlightenment, and many basic meditations. These are just the beginning process of developing an understanding and connection with the potentiality of us all to reach enlightenment

For those of you that are looking for more challenge we have a step by step advancing for you from Beginners meditations to Free customized meditations that are designed to take away your problems.

We take away your problems by using a variety of techniques used by masters of spiritual enlightenment  and even techniques for Moksha, in the Hindu versions and Satori in the Buddhist versions.  In Christianity there is not much emphasis put on the enlightenment experience however there is a mystical aspect to Christianity that is emerging much more strongly recently as the internet gives everyone much more access to information about experiences that denote illumination and revelation.

Illumination is associated with many aspects of Hinduism also, in that there are many commentaries about merging with light, and embracing light. In rituals light is used extensively, the most dramatic being the Artie rituals at the Ganges River in India every evening.

Intention setting for enlightenment is very powerful and necessary.

Spiritual awakening is speed ed up with the intention setting, and sets up patterns of non dual consciousness that are part of the process of expanding consciousness.

As we investigate the nonduality of our life experience we begin to feel that in fact we are part of one and part of everything. As this happens through various means including  meditations to love difficult people we find that those people are not as difficult as we think, it is us that is creating the difficulty. We begin to have more esoteric experiences, and even experience shifts in our behavior as we calm down, become more focused and able. For work success I recommend that the meditations be on

Resolving conflict with others is best done through both the advanced meditations we have on the site and also the Music can help immensely to sooth the soul. As we awaken we will find that , yoga, and the various dimensions of yoga, such as upanishads, raja yoga and karma yoga or helping society to alleviate suffering are very common practices that I personally have found to get great joy from.

In India, the whole way of being at the ashram was about yogic practices and the experience of Nirvana. I myself had many experiences of nirvana, and moksha. For me many of these took place in close proximity to Paramahamsa Nithyananda,

Spiritual Music is a powerful tool for these rapturous states of ecstasy and trance that accompany the bliss. Most of the music that is popular in the west today comes from the yoga tradition from India. There is come music from the Zen tradition, however the Zen tradition tends to favor silence of silent meditation and  after that the value of profound debate between different monks, abbots and even whole monasteries.

Radical visualization is very useful for us to get rid of the need to please. Because of our early childhood experiences, psychologists are finding greater and greater agreement with mystics who say that our degree on enlightening experiences will be dictated by the experiences in early childhood. These visualizations focus on developing a predictive way of being in catastrophe, by playing scenes of catastrophe for your eyes, so that you can see what triggers you have and how to develop emotional resilience and emotional intelligence to handle these situations when they come up n the future.

As the world becomes smaller, and religions share their deeper truths we see that there is indeed hope that far more people can expeience enlightenment while present in their body at this time.  The latest News shows people such as Deepak Chopra and Oprah teaching meditations for various solutions to  spiritual issues. As we gain more wisdom, clarity and life experience we begin to see that spiritual  Experiences are  is a huge factor in our ability to hold spiritual energy and rise our consciousness.

For 2015 my recommendation is that in addition to discovering your bliss, contemplation on all aspects of your life will help you discover how to manifest even faster, with more courage and with even more. Will. It is now possible to be a monk or mystic, follow the spiritual path of any religion including the more insular ones such as Jainism and Sikhism, as well as the latest new age experience and emergence.

To reach spiritual enlightening experiences:

Set your goal high, and here are some suggestions:

  • Meditate daily
  • Investigate some path that interests you, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism
  • Set strong spiritual goals for yourself for this year and get them don from a space of bliss and joy and enlightenment.

This video on Finding Spiritual Enlightenment  is here.

It explains the benefits of taking up a spiritual practice to grow your own space and become even more enlightened in life.