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By on August 20, 2015
Happiness and enlightenment

If you have read some of my other blog pieces you will see that I consistently say that there is a state beyond happiness that can be the best goal in life. Meanwhile mainstream science has yet to catch up to this fact. One current trend in psychology is to look at the amount of happiness people experience. I came across the most recommended test and decided to take it.

I recommend that you take the test also to see where it puts you in their scale of happiness.

This how the test is presented in the BBC News story:

“Psychologists say it is possible to measure your happiness.

This test designed by psychologist Professor Ed Diener from the University of Illinois, takes just a minute to complete.

To find out how happy you are just look at the five statements below and decide whether you agree or disagree using a 1-7 scale.

Please be open and honest in your responding – remember your answers are totally private.

Once you have answered all five questions press submit and we will calculate your score. You will then be able to read Professor Diener’s analysis.” Source BBC

The link to the test is here 

When I got my results back I discovered that I was Highly Satisfied:

People who score in this range love their lives and feel that things are going very well. Your life is not perfect, but you feel it is about as good as life gets. Furthermore, just because you are satisfied does not mean you are complacent. In fact, growth and challenge might be part of the reason you are satisfied. For most people in this high-scoring range, life is enjoyable, and the major domains of life are going well – work or school, family, friends, leisure, and personal development.

The problem that I see with this test is that they indicate for me to score this high my life must be going well, work, family and friends. In fact my happiness does not depend on any of those factors. My life is happy because my internal space is happy. I have been happy even when I had no work or money or friends!

Unfortunately tests and information such as this evaluation support and promote the myth that happiness is dependent on the external world of good, jobs, family and friends. In fact our life challenge is to rise up and move beyond this dependency to the place where we are joyful, happy and blissful for no reason, and continue with that energy when others find reason to be sad!

Here is a video by a Marci Smymoff. I love her work. Click Here

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