Maharishi and the 7 step Teachers Program

By on October 2, 2014
Maharishi and his 7 step teachers program

Maharishi and his 7 step teachers program

Maharishi was one of the worlds greatest Yogis and teachers of the 20th century. (Some would say of many centuries!)

He developed the TM system of meditation that is used today worldwide, and was and is used by many hugely successful people including the legendary Beatles. It is used today by many top business leaders, entertainers, artists and creatives.

The philosophy was simple:

Anyone interested in meditation needs only one ability to experience Transcendental Meditation Technique, and that is the ability to think a thought.

Once we know we are thinking a thought we can watch the thinking and experience increasingly finer, more subtle levels of thinking until the person moves into the space of the source of the thought, the space of pure creative intelligence.

The technique is completely natural because it follows our natural tendency to be happy.

Maharashi wanted to ensure the continuing value of the technique so his system is only taught to qualified teachers with many years of experience with the technique, and trained in very detailed teacher training events. In the early 1960’s he started training teachers around the world.

Maharishi and the 7 step Teachers Program

Maharishi developed a seven step program for teachers of the Transcendental Meditation system, and these are as follows:

Steps 1 and 2 are lectures. The first one deals with the potential for personal development that is possible through the TM Program. The second step explains the mechanics and uniqueness of the TM program

The 3rd step is a private interview, where the teacher gets to know the students who wish to learn.

The 4th to 7th step are the instructions for meditation, done over four days of one hour each. In these steps the additional instructions, refinement and feedback are given.

Here is a link to the web site

This link takes you to the page on Meditation  that has links to other meditation techniques.

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