“Happy” goes Viral, taking bliss with it!

By on October 25, 2014
Happiness leads to enlightenment

The singer Pharral Williams has produced a song called  “Happy” that has gone viral and has now over 6 million views.  People around the world, having watched the video, have then gone out and recorded their own versions.

These versions are expressing their own unique version of happiness, often with regional dance at wonderful local settings to add that unique flavor; I found these really inspiring and tear jerking.

These people, all happy for no reason, are experiencing the first stages of bliss which is extraordinary happiness for no reason. This in turn is the first stage of enlightenment, living in constant bliss, joy, happiness for no reason. Happiness ignites chemicals in the body, and the more we ignite these chemicals the more pathways are formed in our energetic system that creates more joy. One particularly important part of the song is when the singer sings that he is not going to be brought down by others, because he is happy. This is the whole key to long term bliss, to allow others to experience their own emotional roller coaster, but not be affected by it in ways that bring us down from the bliss state.

When we are experience other people suffering but do not get brought down by it we are able to hold a space within us of love and compassion for them.  Instead of plunging down into their emotional space, we rise up and our hearts open up more to all that is. The more we do this the more happiness and bliss get embedded into our cellular memory. Ultimately we reach a place it does not matter what is going on in the external world. Happiness is present always.

To be living in an enlightened space means that whatever happens around us, from the nastiest, such as injury, bankruptcy, death we experience as bliss without cause. The way to reach this state is to enjoy happiness for no reason more and more, with deliberate intent. This increases our ability to handle all that life throws at us, until one day we realize that we are handling all with grace and ease and joy.

The singer of the “Happy” song Pharral Williams is interviewed by Oprah here, and you can see how others have interpreted the song and added their local spin on it here.

PS. CNN is reporting that in Iran people singing the “Happy” song were arrested and jailed, and just released, as the government has had a change of heart about this issue. At first the government position was reported as being that the song was immoral. The new President of the country issued a contradictory statement  “#Happiness is our people’s right. We shouldn’t be too hard on behaviors caused by joy,” a tweet on his account said. It seemed to be quoting one of his comments from June 2013. You can see the CNN Source  here. I am very happy to hear that Iran has decided that happiness is the right of all  people.

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