Meditation to Love Difficult People

Spiritual Awakening

Meditation to love difficult people

Step 1 write a list of the 10 most difficult people in your life.

Now we are going to look at the last person on the list

Before we begin the meditation identify the most difficult quality that they have:

It could be:

  • They are angry
  • They are withdrawn
  • They dislike/hate you
  • They do not understand you
  • They are oblivious to your needs and wants

Make a mental note of that quality.

Now decide how you would like them to be

Finally write down how do you feel when they are the way they are.


This meditation creates distance between yourself and the difficult person, so you can see that person is a different light. When they are doing the behavior that makes them difficult for us, our upset is triggered by some childhood memory, In this meditation we shift from the triggered and upset position to the position of a wise enlightened person, and we observe the behavior from that stance.

This meditation takes about 5=10 minutes to complete. I recommend that you read the instruction first if you are on your own. If you are with a group then one person can read while the others follow along in meditation.

Sit comfortably and breathe deeply, and then follow the instructions.

  1. Close your eyes
  2.  Breathe deeply
  3. Relax your shoulders
  4. We are going to investigate some of the most core issues many people have in their lives in this meditation. So we want to be super relaxed and in the space of a Buddha or Jesus or enlightened master.
  5. Breathe deeply into your body.
  6. Bring a smile to your face and feel the smile spread through you.
  7. Feel love in your heart and relax
  8. Now understand that everyone who is difficult is acting out and responding to behaviors that arise from early childhood incidents. So they are triggered to be acting like the 3-12 year old.
  9. You are the wise loving parent, understanding, observing them, there to help them, to direct and correct them.
  10. See them from that space and be with them from that space. There is no need to correct the behavior, just be with the behavior in love and understanding and compassion. The action can come later
  11. Continue to breathe deeply and hold the space for them to be loved and understood by you
  12. Feel complete within yourself with their behavior
  13. Relax

Having done the meditation it is very useful to share insights with the other people who are doing the meditation with you.

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If you have many difficult people in your life then for sure as the “Creator” of your life, you have had the power to create them and also you have the power to remove the difficulties. Spiritual life coaching will reveal your patterns of creating difficult people, and how to dissolve the pattern and the difficulty.