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By on July 13, 2016
Sleeping to leadership

Sleep your way to Great Leadership

Most people sleep 8 hours a day, or 1/3 of their life away, not knowing that this 1/3 of the life can be used to design the rest of your life!

We take it for granted that sleep takes place,  but we tend not use that time for anything more than getting some rest.

Instead we can use that time we are asleep to design our life.

In fact the time before we go to bed is critical to the way in which we sleep. If we have watched horror movies we may have nightmares.

If we are not having nightmares after watching a horror movie what are we likely to be doing? For me, most likely running the same pattern of energy as when I went to bed: on edge, fearful, ready to be scared, wondering what is around every corner. I then wake up tired and upset, and begin my day.

What am I going to project into my day? Tiredness, and upsetness with life? Most likely.

What happens after some time of watching horror movies just before bed? We become more fearful about life itself.

Once we see the logic of this, then we can realize the importance of utilizing the last several hours before bed in ways that put us into the best frame of mind to enter into 8 hours of sleep.

Let us start then asking how do I want my day to be? If I answer full of joy, life and vitality lets learn how I create that starting a couple of hours before bed.

I enjoy my evening doing things that generate joy, and avoiding activities that create fear and upset. For instance, evening news is not a good activity just before bed. Reading or watching some inspiring content is great.

To create more energy in the morning and sleep better dancing for 5-10 minutes sends you to bed with high oxygen in your system and a feeling if vitality that you also wake up with.

Finally, a great technique to apply just before bed is to fall in tune with the divine, cosmic consciousness, or whatever term you call the ultimate space. You can do this by setting the intention and also taking action!

You set intention by speaking out loud “Let the cosmos breath through me’.

You take action by breathing as though the cosmos is breathing through you.

Do this just as you go to sleep, say it 3-6 times as you drift off. Then wake up with a clarity and calmness that is cosmic.

Below is a great video about the power of sleep to improve the quality of your life.

Sleep your way to health Meditation Technique by Paramahamsa Nithyananda



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