About us

My mission is to empower you to embrace life fully to live an enlightening life.

Awakening the space of enlightenment within us

Awakening the space of enlightenment within us

Enlightenment How shares how to live a life where you wake up joyful, live full of enthusiasm and go to sleep at night feeling fully fulfilled.

We challenge you to look at every aspect of your life and critically rethink everything you have assumed to be true about the need for sadness, fear, conflict and stress. We demystify how to drop even the most ingrained and horrific forms of suffering including death, jail, injury, divorce, loss of love and bankruptcy. We show the power of love to conquer all.

This blog is a one stop shop for the most practical, useful, engaging, entertaining and relevant information on the fastest paths to live an enlightening life. Thanks for deciding to join the thousands of people living the ultimate lifestyle.

This video also explains how you can learn to view life:

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