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How to have an Enlightening Job Interview

You walk into the interview. Your financial future is on the line, your personal reputation, your presence of mind.

You have worked on being calm and confident but now the coffee that the executive assistant brought you has spilled down the front of your shirt!

You are devastated, wrecked, shocked. Your inner voice is screaming “Idiot!” “What a fool”

You stumble through the interview clutched by the throat by the “I am a failure” genie who morphs every word that comes out of the mouth into incoherent garbage.

The interview team, with the corners of their mouths downward turning, say a polite “Thank you, don’t bother to call, We will call you” response.

You stagger out of there knowing you have blown it big time.

So lets run that scenario again.

This time you have the same outer world happenings on the line, and the coffee ends up in the same place, dark brown on the white shirt.

Now you have achieved mastery over your inner space.

You radiate constant joy and bliss.

You take the incident with total fun and love. You smile at the interview team, and point out your shirt with a laugh and say “I am not normally this clumsy, but I hope you don’t mind that I am doing the interview with this coffee all over me. I am okay if you are.”

You are able to clearly and confidently answer all the questions, and ask some of your own. The interviewers are impressed by your calmness, clarity, infectious enthusiasm,  and love of life.

How to get into this high performance state for your next interview?

The absolutely fastest way to move into this state is through radical visualization. The radical visualization is described here in this video.

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How to have Enlightening Interviews click here.

This is a fun video about enlightenment with Russell Brand

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