I am listing here some books that contribute to my constant bliss and joy. Each one in some way touched me in a way that assisted in enlightening me to my potential as a human being.

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The books listed here are not in any order so browse down the whole list please

  • Living Enlightenment by Paramahamsa Nithyanada
  • Autobiography of a Yogi- Paramahamsa Yogananda
  • A Thousand Names for Joy- Byron Katie
  • Path of the Peaceful Warrior- Dan Millman
  • Guaranteed Solutions- Paramahamsa Nithyananda
  • More to come soon!


Enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Paramahamsa Nithyaananda, Enlightened Master


Paramahamsa Nithyananda “Living Enlightenment” This book is one that you can open anywhere and be struck by the relevance of the writing to your current life situation. It is magical to remind yourself of an issue you want clarity on and open the book and Presto! The answer! As well as being intensely mystical, it is the most practical book on the mystery of living enlightenment that is around.

“This book contains the essence of all that I have said, am saying, will say, and all that I want to say but may not be able to say…” ‘There is an extraordinary potential hidden inside every human being. If it is awakened it will take you to a much higher plane of consciousness – beyond the limitations of the human body-mind. Experience this superconsciousness, actualize your ultimate potential. This is the only aim of human life – to enjoy the ultimate luxury of living enlightenment.’ Topics in this book include: o Clear, simple and complete life solutions -How to overcome guilt? -What is true love? o The Straight Route to Everyday Bliss – A blissful lifestyle with simple daily meditations and yoga -Over 100 powerful meditation techniques and everyday awareness practices o Rare insights into timeless truths of life – What is karma? – What is the purpose of life? o Dimensions of the Master – Who is a Master? – How can a Master help me realize the Ultimate?

Amazon Link for Living Enlightenment here

 Autobiography of a Yogi-Paramahamsa Yogananda This book keeps touching lives so deeply that people undertake extraordinary rewrites of their lives upon reading it. I know some who have gone to India immediately,  and others who have changed the course of their life to one of total devotion to serving others.

“Autobiography of a Yogi is at once a beautifully written account of an exceptional life and a profound introduction to the ancient science of Yoga and its time-honored tradition of meditation. Profoundly inspiring, it is at the same time vastly entertaining, warmly humorous and filled with extraordinary personages.

Self-Realization Fellowship’s editions, and none others, include extensive material added by the author after the first edition was published, including a final chapter on the closing years of his life.

Selected as “One of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Century”, Autobiography of a Yogihas been translated into more than 30 languages, and is regarded worldwide as a classic of religious literature. Several million copies have been sold, and it continues to appear on best-seller lists after more than sixty consecutive years in print.”

Amazon link for Autobiography of a Yogi

A Thousand Words for Joy- Byron Katie

Another book that I keep coming back to read. Each time I read it I am overwhelmed with joy! That’s a great reason to read it again and again!

“Byron Katie is one of the truly great and inspiring teachers of our time. I encourage everyone to immerse themselves in this phenomenal book.” –Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

In her first two books, Loving What Is and I Need Your Love–Is That True? Byron Katie showed how suffering can be ended by questioning the stressful thoughts that create it. Now, in A Thousand Names for Joy, she encourages us to discover the freedom that lives on the other side of inquiry.

Stephen Mitchell–the renowned translator of the Tao Te Ching–selected provocative excerpts from that ancient text as a stimulus for Katie to talk about the most essential issues that face us all: life and death, good and evil, love, work, and fulfillment. With her stories of total ease in all circumstances, Katie does more than describe the awakened mind; she lets you see it, feel it, in action.”

Amazon Link to A Thousand Names for Joy 

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoy these amazing books on Enlightenment

Guaranteed Solutions- Paramahamsa Nithyananda- this book I have read probably over 1,000 times.

As i said earlier this list is not in order, please see which books resonate with you the most. Enlightenment books carry an energy beyond the words!

“This book aims at bringing a radical understanding of your emotions. It introduces you to the vital Energy centers in your body called chakras, whose functioning has a direct bearing upon your physical and mental well-being. It explains the direct relationship between a particular emotion and its related chakra. You will learn about the subtle ways in which the emotion affects your physical and mental health. You will understand that the debilitating emotion is a mere shadow without an object. Powerful meditation techniques are imparted to handle the emotion as well. You will get the understanding that it is possible to lead a life free from the power this emotion wields over you. You will be helped to liberate yourself from the dilemmas of the mind and depression of your Being; to be free from the mental slavery that is keeping your spirit in bondage. You will create a space in you to flourish and reconnect with your inner core, with your true Self – which is beyond the body and the mind, which is pure and Eternal Bliss – Nithyananda!”

Amazon Link to Guaranteed Solutions by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Path of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman- I read this book years ago and immediately bought 6 copies and passed it on to friends. It is a great book for beginners and anyone who wants a great read.

“Way of the Peaceful Warrior is based on the story of Dan Millman, a world champion athlete, who journeys into realms of romance and magic, light and darkness, body, mind, and spirit. Guided by a powerful old warrior named Socrates and tempted by an elusive, playful woman named Joy, Dan is led toward a final confrontation that will deliver or destroy him. Readers join Dan as he learns to live as a peaceful warrior. This international bestseller conveys piercing truths and humorous wisdom, speaking directly to the universal quest for happiness”

Amazon Link to Path of the Peaceful Warrior

This is a video of Dan Millman speaking about Spiritual Awakening

More spiritual enlightenment books coming soon!