Free Customized Meditation to Take away Problems

Free Meditation

“Give me your problem- I will give you a personalized meditation to remove it!”

To celebrate the launch of the “Expanding your Happiness” Meditation Series our team is offering Free personalized meditations that address a problem area of life.

Meditations tailored for specific problems are proven to be highly effective. They can be tailored to reduce specific stress, worry, fears, financial issues, and even relationship issues.

Practicing this short meditation for 5-10 minutes a day creates great freedom, clarity, confidence, and energy, leading to more Joy and Happiness.

The meditations are produced by Martyn Williams, internationally known meditation teacher.

He says “Customized meditations directly address the issues that stop you from being happy. These tailored meditations in conjunction with the group meditations that Oprah and Deepak Chopra are giving will turbo-charge your meditation experience.”

You can sign up for these Free Meditations on the sign up form opposite. In the name box enter your name and also the problem that you want the meditation for You could say

  • “Joan. I worry a lot about my children”
  • Harry. i have a huge amount of stress at my job.


We will send you a  free personal customized meditation and a visualization. We recommend that you take two 10 minute sessions per day to practice the meditation and the visualization. We find that some people experience a shift on the problem in one to two days.

The sign up form is here on this link, CLICK HERE

Once you have begun using the meditation you may want to consider spiritual life coaching.  Spiritual life coaching offers many benefits, including tailoring meditations and visualizations to the clients specific needs. As the client progresses we shift up the meditation and visualization to a higher frequency of energy or a harder task that requires a higher frequency to complete.