Martyn has worked with many clients over the years.  He has taught hundreds of thousands of people his extraordinary ways of living.  How to be passionate, powerful and full of enthusiasm to take on any project and bring it to success. His leadership and  teaching has extended to people from all walks of life including:

 “Martyn has a great spiritual presence and highly approachable style. He has wowed audiences alongside some of the world’s greatest presenters” Harv Eker, Founder Peak Potentials, the fastest growing personal development group in North America

“Martyn’s ability to create a  spiritual project and lead it to fruition is truly inspiring” Dr Charlie Clements, Founding member of Nobel Peace Prize Winning Group.

“Amazing leader, I would go anywhere with him, and have a wonderful safe time” Steve Fossett, entrepreneur, billionaire, world record holder of 116 records in five different sports.

‘Gifted leader with huge spiritual connection” Pat Morrow, first person in the world to climb the highest peak on each continent.

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