Martyn Williams is available to work with you one on one to achieve the ultimate goal of life. Enlightening living!

“A life of constant happiness and  joy, no matter what is happening in your life, even the most dire, stressful, and awful events.”

Most people report that they experience bliss (happiness without cause) only 5-10% of each day.

 We live with bliss (happiness without cause) 100% of each day

 We can teach you to double or even triple your bliss in one month.

 Or your money back!

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Martyn has worked with billionaires, Nobel Peace Prize Winners,  enlightened masters, in Jails,and taught hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

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We change the way we function in the world by developing new repetitive habits, just as top sports athletes increase their performance through coaching and training.

If we wish to have constant joy in our lives, we want to train our whole being to be in that state.

 This  course offers:

  1. Activities that ingrain constant joy into our very being

  2. Processes that root out the causes of discomfort, pain, and confusion

​To Participate:

Coaching sessions cost $400  a month for 4 weekly,  30 minute sessions.
Participants must dedicate an average of 30 minutes per day to implement the tools and transformation that is shared through the coaching sessions.

​​Discover how to be Coached for Enlightenment with us.

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“Martyn lives in Constant Joy and coaches others to live in that same state”

Dr. Debbie Chance, Education Consultant, Ashville, North Carolina, USA

“Martyn’s high energy and wisdom is awesome, his coaching helped me immensely”

Maureen Garrity, Senior Consultant, British Columbia, Canada

Enlightenment coaching is the best way to live an enlightening life

This video here is about Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching is available from Martyn, click here to go to that page