How to be Enlightened

By on July 4, 2014
life coaching for spiritual enlightenment

How to be enlightened? Well, what does a SWAT team do for training?

They practice for every situation in great detail, what the dangers are, how to be safe, protect themselves and get the task done.  They look for every eventuality, and prepare, visualize, practice until they are totally competent no matter what is thrown at them.

Preparing for Spiritual Enlightenment

Top Awareness to prepare for All of Lofe

What do we do for training for life?

We assume the best, or fear the worst, but we do not prepare.

When our credit card is stolen it comes as a shock and we freak out. When we lose our jobs we freak out. When something as mundane as being stuck in traffic happens, we freak out.

Some of the same things happen daily, and every day we freak out! And we are surprised by it! Every day!

Now that we understand what havoc lack of preparedness for life creates for us, we can look at solutions.

We can only prepare the material incidents but the best preparation is the preparation of the internal space. Just as a SWAT team practice being calm and clear in every situation so we too can prepare for every eventuality by using visualization.

Visualization is generally used to create things in our life that we want. If we want more money we visualize ourselves with more money.

I am recommending quite a different, even more powerful use of visualization.

 Create a list of all the potentially difficult situations in your life. This list could include items such as bankruptcy, credit card loss, car being stolen, car crash and  loss of a job.

Start with an item that is not too emotionally charged for you. Visualize you being calm and clear in normal life. Feel that calmness and clarity in your body. Breathe deeply with that feeling of peacefulness. Connect strongly with that calmness and clarity,and feel it over your whole body.

Then bring to mind the difficult situation. This time see yourself being calm and clear in that situation, responding to whatever arises in that situation with the same calmness and clarity. Feel the same calmness in this situation that you experienced just a few minutes ago when starting off and visualizing being calm and clear in normal life. Visualize yourself being calm in each portion of the difficult situation, and replay the feeling of being calm and clear over again so that it becomes engrained in your muscle memory. That is how to be enlightened.

Let’s now look at a specific situation and run through this same process.

Difficult Situation: When I am late for work I get frustrated while driving, particularly at stop signs.

  • This time visualize yourself being calm and at ease at the stop sign for 1minute.
  • Repeat this visualization a few times throughout the day
  • Next time you are late for work and at a stop sign notice if you are more relaxed or not. This indicates if the visualization is helping you or not. If still frustrated then implement the visualization right there with your eyes open. You will be able to connect with the feeling in your body of calmness and clarity.


Power of visualization Exercise for reducing negative responses to difficult situations

You need:

  • 20 minutes of uninterrupted time
  • A Quiet location
  • Writing materials such as pen and paper, or alternatively you can use a mirror. If using a mirror, instead of writing the responses to the questions down you will speak them to the mirror.
  1. We are constantly visualizing negative outcomes for different situations
    1. Select a difficult situation that you wish to change the way you handle and the outcome.
    2. Write down on a piece of paper the most negative visualization that you have about the difficult situation.
    3. On the paper describe this in detail, and describe what emotions this triggers in your body, and where you feel them
  2. If you were to create a visualization that would be positive about this situation what would it be?
  3. Write out what this visualization would be. Be specific about the
  4. Describe in detail the visualization and the emotions that are triggered by creating this

Let’s look at the long term

  1. What is your biggest fear in life about?
  2. Write this down,  and describe the feelings in the body in detail
  3. Describe the visualization that you are creating with these thoughts and feeling

Now what would be the ideal outcome for that situation?

  1. Describe the specifics of the ideal outcome by writing them down
  2. How does that feel in the body? Write that.
  3. What would visualization about this look like? Describe in detail
  4. Make an agreement with yourself on how often you plan to use this visualization to cement in the result you wish to achieve. My suggestion is to do the visualization 3-5 times a day for a week as a starting goal. Review your progress at the end of week and set another goal.

Now is the time to discover how to be enlightened and to work on that as much as you can as hard as you can.

Here is a video on this topic

How to be Enlightened


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