October 31st Spiritual Life Coaching Tips

New Course offered by Oprah and Deepak in meditation.

This course is all about manifestation and I think it will be pretty powerful.

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Life Coaching from Oprah for spiritual advancement

Spiritual enlightenment coach offers course

Here is a link to the spiritual Life coaching that we offer here

Spiritual Life Coaching Video of the week

There is another event with Eckhart Tolle this week that I think you will enjoy. It is listed here:

“At the recent Salesforce conference in San Francisco, Eckhart Tolle and Arianna Huffington sat down to discuss what really matters in life and how to truly thrive in the digital age.

During their conversation Tolle explained that we tend to regard the present moment as an obstacle to overcome by rushing to the next moment, which we falsely believe will bring the fulfillment we are looking for. We believe happiness is somewhere in the future. But, if you miss the present step on the journey, you miss your life. To bring awareness to the moment, an important question to you ask yourself is “What is my relationship to the present moment? How am I relating to it?” He points out, “Your entire life only happens in this moment. The present moment is life itself. Yet, people live as if the opposite were true, and treat the present moment as a stepping stone to the next moment — a means to an end.”

Huffington recounted a story about a holiday in Hawaii, in which her family agreed to take a weeklong digital detox, so that they could truly connect with each other and the moment without the distraction of “tweeting” the sunset or “instagraming” their
dinner plate.

Our continual racing from one thing to the next tends to cause impatience and stress. Huffington learned the hard way with a physical collapse due to extreme exhaustion that was a “wakeup call,” to slow down.

Tolle suggested we try mini meditations throughout the day, as a way to focus on the present moment. This stops our constant stream of thinking, the voice in our head, which is often negative and self-defeating. He referred to our inner voice as “clutter in the mind,” and said that eighty percent of our thinking is unnecessary and interferes with our enjoyment of life. Huffington humorously referred to the voice in her head, as her “obnoxious roommate,” the voice of doubt and fear that prevents us from being present and our creative best.” Source

This advise I find particularly useful. To take time numerous times during the day to breath and meditate, even for 5-10 minutes entrains the space of calmness, clarity and increased perception deeply into your whole energetic system.  Here are a couple of short meditations that I recommend:

  • 1 minute deep breathing focusing on the breath only
  • 1 minute of jumping up and down with a huge smile on your face, while looking at the ceiling. This is the most powerful of any of the one minute meditations that I know of
  • 1 minute of visualizing your favorite heart opening external object. It could be a kitten, a dog, a baby, a sunset, a car. This has the effect of reminding you of the great things in life, the space of open bigheartedness.

When you apply these spiritual life coaching tips into your daily life you are bound to notice a very rapid shift towards spiritual enlightenment. Enjoy than thanks!


Spiritual Life Coaching Movie Review

Watching movies is a great way to get insight into how spiritual life coaching can assist you.The movie “The Judge” starring is an excellent insight into the working of family dynamics and how they create our personality in this life. The movie shows the terrible misunderstandings that lead to distance, hatred and conflict in the family dynamics, and then the consequences that affect how we live the rest of our lives.

Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.) is a super successful defense attorney in New York, working high profile cases with a cut throatiness, gusto and insightfulness that are remarkable and chilling. What are the causes of his success?

We quickly realize that his personality has been shaped by his father, a highly esteemed Judge in rural USA. As the drama unfolds we are swept into the events of his father being accused of murder by knocking down the most notorious local criminal who had betrayed the judge’s trust in him. The criminal had been tried at a young age for a crime and the Judge had given him a light sentence, allowing him to commit an even greater crime in the community.

As our defense attorney goes to work to defend his father, the deeper story unfolds of misunderstandings; attempts to do good that were totally misinterpreted by the other, and the reverberations of non communication throughout their lives. It is really a horror story of entirely good intentions going wrong and producing enmity that lasts for decades, shaping the behavior patterns of all involved. This is a constant story played out that spiritual life coaches shed light on:

One person has to win at all costs

One has failure written over all his actions

One has determined stubbornness in the face of the opportunity to reveal love and tenderness.

The movie progresses through the chaos of the lies and deceptions that cause anger and hatred, to a new and deeper understanding of each other and a little piece of forgiveness.

Transformation it is not, it is just the first steps in healing. As Hollywood does not always have the opportunity to show all that happens, let us see what our steps would be to bring even greater healing and transformation to the main protagonists:

The Judge. Having seen the error of his ways in being silent about his inner turmoil he could then share all his pains with the family. He could meditate to heal his own pain and move into greater appreciation of his life. He could spend time with his family hearing their stories and creating forgiveness and an open heart space for the whole family to share their love with each other. This would lead to the whole family having a far greater spiritual connection, coaching each other to live an enlightening life.

The attorney: As he begins to understand how his patterns of behavior have been caused by his childhood pain he can heal them so that he shifts his goals in life to being an enlightened lawyer, dropping the cold hardheartedness and edginess that is his main character traits.

Spiritual enlightenment would allow these patterns to be revealed and dissolved, and a spiritual life coach would focus on the creating amazing relationships between each family member that uplifts rather than drags down.

Here is what IMDB has to say about the movie:

Big city lawyer Hank Palmer returns to his childhood home where his father, the town’s judge, is suspected of murder. Hank sets out to discover the truth and, along the way, reconnects with his estranged family.

Here is a link to the movie trailer

What we can learn from the Judge about spiritual life coaching

Movie: The Judge and Life coaching


Spiritual Life Coach Tip: Reducing Stress  


Normally when a person reflects on reducing stress, they want to be happy instead.  If you were trying to live happily there may be certain steps you must make in order to realize this.

Reducing stress will not likely be the most challenging part of training. Reducing stress should be viewed as a major commitment and an extended process that takes a minimum of  21 days. It would be best to get as primed as possible before starting.

Following are some suggestions to get you on your way:

– Taking action

The key to thriving with reducing stress would be reliant upon taking action, yet many individuals do not recognize just how vital this really is! Just by taking action. you will see to it that you’re primed to reduce stress.

– Applying awareness in all life situations increases the ability to live an enlightening life

An integral part of the foundation that is necessary to reduce stress involves applying awareness in all life situations. When you apply awareness in all life situations, it prepares you to exist in an appropriate frame of mind to realize the ultimate objective of reducing stress.

— Meditating regularly develops that spiritual life

Regardless of how much you prime to reduce stress, it is undeniable that meditating regularly would be a requirement right off the bat. That would be why it makes total sense to practice meditating regularly currently, before you get into the important details of what you need to do.

Reducing stress is a quest that takes a good deal of planning. We will go over all the parts of the preparation phase. That way you will actually think of just how you will reduce stress. The first big thing to do would be introspection. Through this, you could make certain that reducing stress is something you can actually do.

The easiest way to make this assessment would be to ask yourself these questions:

Do you want to enjoy life to the fullest?

Would you like to live free of worry?

Can you imagine yourself living a spiritually enlightening life?

Ideally, you answered affirmative to the above. Then most likely reducing stress is the right match for you. Good going for committing to that initial step forward toward meeting your calling by continuing to read the rest of this story!

Reducing stress takes loads of work spent over time. Therefore you will see, the advantageous way to get primed for reducing stress would be to give yourself an appropriate amount of time for the training so you can succeed. Do this, and reducing stress is much easier.

Reducing Stress – A Look Back at an unenlightened life!

In the event you have had thoughts about reducing stress, you definitely have a tough road ahead. If it were simple, anybody would accomplish it. A lot of individuals who choose to eliminate worry end up not ultimately following through.

If you examine those who have succeeded in reducing stress either recently or in the past, you will find one thing in common among the individuals who have succeeded. They understood what was involved before starting, and they knew what type of person is prone to prevail. When you realize what type of person is necessary to reduce stress, there is no one that stands in the way between you and your victory!

Reducing stress involves your mental energy just as much as it involves your physical energy. Apparently, reducing stress would be very physical, but just by having a strong mentality you can prime yourself for victory.

So then, just what do we know? Basically we know reducing stress is no simple task like being happy. Reducing stress requires you to be focused, joyful, as well as fulfilled. Now we will move on to precisely what you truly have to do.

Ask yourself again: Do you want to enjoy life to the fullest?

Think of this question carefully, because those who have successfully reduce stress have one major thing in common: they all are focused. You also have to become focused to make your aspiration of reducing stress a reality.

You asked “Would you like to live free of worry?”  You wouldn’t have made it this far if you replied no. The bitter reality is a special individual wants to reduce stress, and a whole different individual ultimately does it.

You asked these targeted questions and looked within yourself to determine whether you have everything that is needed to reduce stress. And you have done a good deal to prepare. A lot of individuals who have fell short reducing stress did so because they all were not completely primed. Just by seeing whether you have everything it takes to reduce stress ahead of time, you have successfully invested yourself in moving ahead.

Spiritual life coaching tells us that taking action is necessary.

Every time your mind convinces you that reducing stress is beyond reach, just consider that a person who is taking action will eliminate the negativity and keep their eyes on the prize. Let’s investigate what is necessary to prevail since our minds are where we need it to be!

Reducing Stress In Everyday Life through life coaching

Reducing stress is often seen as a lifestyle. It is an integral part of the formula that you could incorporate within your lifestyle in various ways. So during the 21 days priming to reduce stress, you could analyze how eliminating worry will change your lifestyle.

Do you recall being asked:

  •  Do you want to enjoy life to the fullest?
  •  Would you like to live free of worry?
  •  Can you imagine yourself living a spiritually enlightening life?

These are questions which call on virtues that determine if you were able to reduce stress. These are possibly lifestyle choices. Had you replied no to these questions, you were not simply acknowledging that you were ready to reduce stress, but also, you validated your lifestyle.

By acknowledging the role these virtues play in your daily choices, you are comprehending the role that reducing stress plays in life. Reducing stress is not child’s play. All rewarding activities necessitate commitment. Reducing stress is no exception.

Every time you view reducing stress as a lifestyle rather than a goal, you will find it easier to adopt the practices that contributes to success. The adjustment in your schedule has a relevant purpose beyond realizing a single objective. You will begin to live an enlightening life with the ability to help other people.

Here is a video about stress and spiritual life coaching


reducing stress through spiritual life coaching

how to reduce stress through spiritual life coaching


 Research shows that Wealthy people get MORE Unhappy- less Enlightened!

A new story in the BBC shows that research indicates that as wealthy people reach middle age, the time when they are most likely to have the most money, they become less and less happy.  Enlightened masters such as Paramahamsa Nithyananda have spoken about this for years, calling it the depression of succcess, when all the external sources of happiness that you have been striving for you have achieved and you are left with an empty feeling that will not go away!

Here is the story in the BBC:

Happiness nose dives as you hit middle age – but only if you live in the affluent West, according to experts.

Using world survey data, the Lancet study authors found life satisfaction followed a predictable trajectory depending on where people lived.

In countries such as the UK and the US, life satisfaction followed a U-shape, dipping to a low in midlife.

In Africa it was low throughout, and in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Latin America it declined with age.

The reasons behind the trends were multiple and complex, but there were some plausible explanations as well as important lessons to be learned, said Prof Andrew Steptoe, of University College London, and colleagues.

Their report is part of a series on health and ageing, published in The Lancet, warning of a growing burden of chronic disease and diminished wellbeing affecting the quality of life of older people.

The researchers used four years of data from the Gallup World Poll in more than 160 countries covering more than 98% of the world’s population, to make their evaluations.

As well as physical health and pain, they considered three measures of wellbeing:

  • evaluative – how satisfied people were with their lives
  • hedonic – feelings or moods such as happiness, sadness and anger
  • eudemonic – judgements about the meaning and purpose of life

In Western world nations, life satisfaction bottomed out between the ages of 45 and 54 before rising again.

Co-researcher Angus Deaton, of Princeton University in the US, said economics could explain this.

“This is the period at which wage rates typically peak and is the best time to work and earn the most, even at the expense of present wellbeing, so as to have increased wealth and wellbeing later in life,” he said.

It might explain why elderly people were happier despite becoming more frail – although poorer health led to lower ratings of life satisfaction among the elderly, higher life satisfaction seemed to stave off physical health declines.

It would appear that wellbeing goes along with economic prosperity in the world”

Prof Andrew Steptoe

In transition countries, such as the former Soviet Union, life satisfaction declined steadily with age and was generally lower overall than in the West.

This could again be linked to economics, said the researchers. Older people in these countries had lost a system that, however imperfect, had given meaning to their lives, and, in some cases, their pensions and their health care.

In sub-Saharan Africa, satisfaction was very low throughout life, while stress and worry was high.

“The findings undoubtedly show the recent experiences of the region and the distress that these events have brought to older people,” said Prof Deaton.

Prof Steptoe said while money did not equate to happiness, economic progress did promote wellbeing to an extent.

“It would appear that wellbeing goes along with economic prosperity in the world,” he said.


What to do about this? Well obviously meditation and awareness is the key. Spiritual Life Coaching will help hugely.


wealth and spiritual enlightenment

wealth can lead to reduced happiness

This video on Happiness by Dr Rick Hanson speaks of his concept of  hard-wiring happiness. He explains how the brain produces a negative tendency, and as you grow older the brain gets even better at producing negative thoughts that take you out of happiness.

 November 13


Spiritual life coaching goes canyoneering!

Spiritual life coaching in action!

Spiritual Life coaching visits Las Vegas

I have just returned from a 4 day hike in wild canyons of Zion National Park, seeing nobody for 3 days as we hiked in some of the most sublime country in the world.

We arrived back in Las Vegas and decided to spend the evening looking around the famous Strip.

As a spiritual life coach I was amazed by what I saw.Fear and loathing in Las Vegas in full life!

When you strip away all the glitter, the 100 ft high video billboards dominating the street level and the girls taking off their tops right on the street what you really have is this situation:

10,000 people a night losing $3000 or more of money they do not have, which could have helped themselves live a healthier, more loving fulfilled life.

Efficiency in business is a major goal. The gambling business is no exception! The whole city of Las Vegas is based on the premise of creating an environment of people who are guaranteed to lose money very rapidly. You may as well hand over your wallet, your credit card, and for some people even their house upon arrival at the airport.

One friend on return from Las Vegas said “I may as well have stayed at home with a bottle of whiskey and a strobe light, and burnt my money for all that I remember.”

Panhandlers have some classic signs “Money for weed please”

Most of humanity is attempting to fill the void of emptiness through various means; hard work, family focus, entertainment are some of the ways. However the gambling illusion is the most extraordinary.

Here is a huge city in the desert whose role is to take your money as fast as possible, and people flock here!

For sure many people do come to Las Vegas for the entertainment, the extravagance and the fun, and these words describe one aspect of the visit. You can have great times in Las Vegas, and armed with the knowledge that the goal of the gambling businesses it to remove money from you as efficiently as possible, you can have an even better time.

For me, observing the human condition, seeing the overwhelming desire to gamble away entire futures of self, family, children and even transportation home indicates emptiness inside, a void that is crying out to be filled. Let us bless all those people who enjoy Las Vegas, and see how we can help all those who create upset and misery for themselves through poor decision making. Let us help them learn meditation, visualization and awareness.

If you do gamble and want to change that habit, contact me and also begin immediately by watching this video:

November 29th

How to Wake Up Smiling!

Waking up smiling is something many individuals wish to try. The main problem is that many people have absolutely no clue just how to begin. An individual might assume waking up upset and angry is the way to begin. Some would end up briefing for that, while not seeing they are on the wrong path. It is extremely vital to recognize that waking up upset and angry and waking up smiling are two totally different activities. We will go over what explicitly you need to do to wake up smiling.

 Waking up smiling is a  not as easy as it appears otherwise everyone would do it, instead,  it is a quest that involves a good deal of preparation. We will go over all the parts of the planning phase. That way you will actually think of just how you will wake up smiling. The first thing to do is introspection. Through this, you can make sure that waking up smiling is something you could honestly do.

Before waking up smiling, it makes sense to assess your natural habits. Then compare that against a person already capable to getting on with life in joy.  You need to explore a person that is productively doing what you wish to achieve. Then consider if you’re practicing what they achieve. That is a good starting place. Here are questions you might go over:

  •  Are you able to put aside your story of struggle?
  •  Are you willing to focus on being happy and radiating happiness to others?
  •  Can you envision yourself living an enlightening life?

Ideally, you answer was affirmative to these questions. Then probably waking up smiling is the perfect activity for you. Good going for taking the plunge toward achieving your objectives by continuing to read!

Now that you recognize that you should be in the appropriate mindset to wake up smiling, we will explore a few preliminary habits that one waking up smiling will already be doing. Use that opportunity to absorb these particular habits into your decisions because it will make preparing to wake up smiling easier.

Below are a handful of guidelines to push you to begin:

– Wildly dancing for 5 minutes before bedtime to your favorite music

Wildly dancing for 5 minutes before bedtime to your favorite music is a no-brainer. You most likely already recognize that you’d basically need to dance wildly for 5 minutes before bedtime to your favorite music in order to wake up smiling. Individuals who are incapable to dance wildly for 5 minutes before bedtime to their favorite music regularly will unfortunately increase the odds of waking up quite sad

– Writing a gratitude journal at bedtime

Regardless of how much you prepare and visualize to wake up smiling, it’s obvious that writing a gratitude journal at bedtime is a requirement right out of the gate. That is the reason it makes sense to practice writing a gratitude journal at bedtime right now, before you get into the details of what exactly you need to make happen.

– Going to bed with a smile on your face

An integral aspect of the foundation that is essential to wake up smiling involves going to bed with a smile on your face.  DO THIS CONSCIOUSLY!  APPLY MAXIMUM AWARENESS TO THIS! When you go to bed with a smile on your face, it allows you to be in an appropriate frame of mind to achieve the final objective of waking up smiling.

Waking up smiling involves considerably more than getting up one evening to say, “oh, I want to wake up smiling.” Perhaps that is a starting step. However to accomplish some success with waking up smiling, you should initially prepare mentally.

Waking Up Smiling – A Look Back

Understand you are not the only individual in the universe that has the ambition of waking up smiling. Actually, there are heaps of individuals everywhere that wish to wake up happy. The bitter truth is that only a few will actually move forward and achieve it.

With that said, just what do we know? Essentially we know waking up smiling is no easy task like waking up upset and angry. Waking up smiling requires you to be determined, focused, and creative. Now we will move on to what you really need to make happen.

Waking up smiling requires your mental stamina just as much as it requires your physical stamina. Clearly, waking up smiling is really physical, and by simply having a very strong mentality you could prime yourself for victory.

Regardless of how far back you would care to look, you should discover that those who are waking up smiling have one huge thing in common: they appreciated what they were getting into. Such people knew what it would be like, exactly what waking up smiling involved, and exactly what was needed of them to successfully accomplish their main objective. When you recognize what it involves to wake up smiling, there is nothing to stop you!

Most importantly make sure you maintain the drive that waking up smiling would need of you. Are you able to put aside your story of struggle? There is a start difference between trusting something is a constructive idea and really doing it. Without a doubt, you would need a great deal of self-discipline to stay on track.

 Kudos for being the kind of person that takes action. It is feasible that people that struggled to wake up smiling and fell short probably did not adequately prepare. By reviewing the preliminary questions to determine if you are a suitable person to wake up smiling, you are now knowledgeable about what is recommended to succeed.

You have already asked yourself: “Are you able to put aside your story of struggle?” Reasonably, you have to ask that to yourself. Those that responded no to that will be unable to take the first step to wake up smiling.

Just know, wildly dancing for 5 minutes before bedtime to your favorite music is required. Whenever your mind tells you that waking up smiling is unattainable, just consider that a person who is wildly dancing for 5 minutes before bedtime to your favorite music will move past the negativity and keep their thoughts on success. Let’s explore what is required to prepare considering our mindsets are where we need it to be!

Waking Up Smiling In Everyday Life

Waking up smiling might not be something which you resolve to do daily, but if you assess the effects of waking up smiling, you could include that into your regular life. The truth is that waking up smiling produces side effects which will benefit other areas of life.

Whenever you happy waking up, you are putting forth a lot of time. Essentially, you are wrestling against yourself. The focused characteristic which is required to happy waking up, alternatively, augments your overall life. While you wake up smiling you ultimately depend on your spirit for stamina. That is explicitly what makes waking up smiling viable.

 Waking up smiling really takes much more out of a person than one would think. Waking up smiling is not just something to try, it is alternatively an entire lifestyle shift. It clearly involves a unique set of characteristics to wake up smiling with confidence.

The truth is that waking up smiling helps you in every part of your life. This is undeniable once you start happily waking up. Considerations such as writing a gratitude journal at bedtime, going to bed with a smile on your face, and wildly dancing for 5 minutes before bedtime to your favorite music all involve skills which you should use in every part of life. Waking up smiling provides numerous useful skills, prior to and once you achieve your goals.

Actually, waking up smiling requires a change in your logic. The determined characteristic that is essential to happy waking up will change your entire life. In an instant, you will be revealing a determined characteristic in related areas of life. That is the beauty of waking up smiling that many people don’t recognize.

If you would think back to when we initially began the quest of waking up smiling, you will recollect being asked the following questions:

Are you able to put aside your story of struggle? Please answer with a huge YES!

Are you willing to focus on being happy and radiating happiness to others? Please answer with a huge YES!

Obviously  in spiritual life coaching smiling and creating the energy of happiness in your body is a key ingredient.

You will be so surprised what such a simple task as waking up smiling can do for you journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

This video guides you into an inner smile. Enjoy!

 December 10th

Teachers Speak Out!

Eckhart Tolle and other teachers are sharing a lot of information these days. This blog is a quick summary of what is available:


In this issue, Eckhart explains the deeper meaning of a retreat, and how through “presence practice” we can discover our true identity beneath the level of the mind. Eckhart teaches us that you can recognize that deeper place of alert stillness and let go of your usual self. Eckhart suggests that we can learn to have the courage to embrace a state of not knowing and points us toward the sacred depths beneath the surface reality of our lives.

There are also great offerings from Deepak Chopra and Oprah, as they are currently conducting a wonderful meditation series.

Join Oprah & Deepak to tap into the inner wellspring of happiness that awaits you. In this perfect expansive journey, Oprah & Deepak help you spark the bliss, profound peace, and playful exhilaration that is within you. Discover the invigorating Expanding Your Happiness, from the internationally popular 21-Day Meditation Experience Series. Get started today and get ready for a big boost of joy!  You can order that meditation series here

Another group that I enjoy offer a unique product called Mind Movies. These are visualization techniques that are enhansed with the use of video. I find visualization a super powerful way to create what you want in your life and I am impressed by these. As we all like watching video, this is a great way to not only watch video but also to create what we want and shift our consciousness while we do that. Here is a link to their information:

Download “The Meditation Sound” PDF and discover how you can re-train your brain using a simple technique


December 13th News

Gifts for Christmas are flying in through the e-mail from many different spiritual organisations. One gift is from the Deepak Chopra group with Oprah in support. It is a big percentage off their usual program cost. Here is the information and the link:

Holidays are a very special time of year, reminding us that our lives are indeed filled with blessings and each moment is a gift to be treasured. What a perfect opportunity to go within and connect to the true meaning of this wonderful time of year.

In the spirit of the season, please enjoy this special meditation gift – Sharing Your Happiness.This meditation is intended to help each of us honor the soul-expanding joy we feel when we give freely of ourselves and share our blessings with others.

This weekend only, we’re offering $10 off toward your purchase of any guided meditation product in the 21-Day Meditation Experience online store in the 21-Day Meditation Experience online store, including Energy of Attraction, Expanding Your Happiness, Finding Your Flow, and Desire and Destiny, among others. Just use Promo code: JDQMA. We hope this simple offering will help you cultivate peace, love, and wellbeing this holiday season, and all year round”

The movie “Exodus”  has just been released and if you want to clarify you biblical history then this is a great movie to see to get a glimpse of how it must have looked and felt to live in Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs. The movie portrays the scale of the civilization very well. It does not however give many glimpses into the mystical aspects of the practical beliefs. It really shows the Pharaohs following soothsayers, and the soothsayers being not entirely accurate. From the perspective of living enlightenment I would say that it offers a view of societies in conflict with each other, neither society being in tune with that concept. In the movie portrayal the Egyptians are obsessed with the worship of their gods, and are prepared to look at other humans as second class citizens and have kept them enslaved for 400 years. The Hebrews are depicted as being victims of the slavery. Moses is depicted as being at first totally dedicated to his role as senior adviser to the Pharaoh, then as he discovers has ancestry and is banished be begins to have spiritual experiences that guide him into his path of taking leadership of the whole Hebrew community and training them in warfare. Again from the perspective living enlightenment, when we move on to the path of listening to our inner divine, we too could be guided to do actions that we doubt and question, we have to develop trust in our intuition, we too have to learn to put aside our ego and comfort zone and step into being even more powerful.

A link to the movie trailer is here

How enlightenment shows up in the movie Exodus

Move Exodus and enlightenment

 January 4th 2015

This is a great story on how your mind affects your actions. In this story the authors show evidence that most of our actions are subconscious, even saying that up to 90% of them are!

Meditation and the search for enlightenment can help a lot in reducing this number to a range that is more aware and in tune with what you came on the planet to enjoy and live for.

“The major problem is that people are aware of their conscious beliefs and behaviors, but not of subconscious beliefs and behaviors.”

“Most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is that the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs.”

“Your subconscious beliefs are working either for you or against you, but the truth is that you are not controlling your life, because your subconscious mind supersedes all conscious control. So when you are trying to heal from a conscious level–citing affirmations and telling yourself you’re healthy–there may be an invisible subconscious program that’s sabotaging you.”

The link is here

January 23rd

Signs of spiritual awakening and spiritual Enlightenment, including  the experience of Ananda, Satori, Moksha or bliss abound when you choose to look for them.

There are many devices and strategies for aiding your encounter the delight of living enlightenment. The primary indicators are that the individual enjoys all the time regardless of what is happening. The large indicators are that you feel love not withstanding  what is happening around you, that you find yourself enjoying life at the fullest for no reason whatsoever.

Your realization is that you have power to spare,  and that that you come under deep and long sleep easily in every situation and that you get up lots of activities while awake.

This quest to reach the state of spiritual enlightenment is the most amazing quest you as a human being could take, and I recommend that you plan on walking the course when possible.

I do provide you with  a number of tips, tricks, hacks and  tools including music, meditation, visualization, recognition techniques taken from the current human brain research study,  from Indian Hindu techniques, Tibetan and Zen Buddhist techniques, Islamic Sufi strategies from the middle east then include  the very best of western sign methods.  When you take up Yoga exercises and meditation  these undoubtedly have a significant result on developing the space of knowledge as well as enlightened living.

There is a video here about this

Signs of Spiritual Enlightenment

 Spiritual Enlightenment books

This is a little video review I did of my favorite books on spiritual enlightenment. Each one gives me different perspectives and experiences. I guess you can tell by reading them something about me too.

The first book is called Guaranteed Solutions and it is by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He  is an enlightened master from south India who I studied with for about 7 years and continue to follow his latest teachings.

In this book he lays out the blockages and potentials of the 7 chakras. At the beginning of the book he lays out the whole premise of human consciousness through different stories. These stories include the wagon cart story and the Zen master story. If you listen to the video you may hear these stories!

He covers in these chapters his own experiences with enlightenment as well as many powerful insights into how the human being works.

One chapter is on the heart, and in this chapter he reveals how the heart is blocked by the need for attention and opened by the feeling of love for all. He goes on to explain that the heart is full of love, which flows out from us to all. Love is not something that we need; love is an energy that radiates out from all to all humans.

The second book is the story of Paramahamsa Yogananda, another enlightened saint from India. His story is so remarkable you have to read it to believe it. There are so many unusual happenings in his life, so many remarkable events that the book makes for a fascinating read. Why I love this book is that reading it opens up in me the space of cosmic consciousness that he speaks about so lovingly in the book. There are not very many to do things in the book, but the inspiration the pure inspiration has affected millions of people.

The third book is by the western mystic Byron Katie. This book is a must read for me. This is because in it she describes her experience of interacting with the world from the joyful blissful space. Her love and honesty is so compelling. Her words fill me with joy. The book is actually a commentary on the Tao  To Ching, the ancient book from China of poetic sayings. When I read her commentary on the book it takes me deeper into the space that she resides in, and fills me with even greater resonance for the space of spiritual enlightenment as I know it.

Byron Katie spent a number of years so depressed that she could not get out of bed, and was getting sicker and sicker and weaker and weaker. Then she suddenly had a shift in consciousness that awoke her to her thoughts and what they were doing to her.

Each book gives me something different. The Nithyananda book gives me practical insights into hy human condition. The Yogananda book gives me inspiration to be like him. The Byron Katie book resonates so deeply and beautifully with the emotion of intense clarity that it is like reading your favorite dessert!

My recommendation:

  • Read them all
  • Meditation on different passages in each of them
  • Pass them on to friends
  • Share passages of them with friends to discuss how to elevate your and their consciousness

Spiritual enlightenment and Ananda, bliss and moksha are all possible through these books in different ways. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Here is a link to the video on Spiritual Enlightenment Books