Enlightenment and Haritaki

Haritaki is recommended for Enlightenment

Haritaki benefits enlightenment

Haritaki has been recognized for thousands of years as one of the most powerful herbal medicines available for enlightenment.

In India it is referred to as the “King of Herbs” and is give the first listing in the traditional herbal medicine listings. It is recommended to be taken daily for all illnesses.

In Buddhism the Medicine Buddha is shown holding the Haritaki fruit on both hands. This obviously makes the Haritaki extremely important for health and healing.

Even more than health, Haritaki is recommended for increasing brain function, which is obviously the doorway to enlightenment.

Haritaki is said to increase intuition and awaken mystical powers. These mystical powers include opening of the 3rd eye. The herb was so beneficial and important that it was used in almost all Tibetan medicines. This is especially telling because the herb is not found naturally in Tibet and has to be imported from India or Nepal.

Haritaki is the fruit of Terminalia chebula tree. You can find more here: Myrobalans

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the enlightened master from South India, speaks of the great importance of the Indian herb, Haritaki, in helping reach spiritual enlightenment.

He explains that when he was a child he had a number of teachers, who were all enlightened. These teachers taught him in different areas. One was a teacher of the yogic sciences. This master had the abilities or powers (Siddhi’s) to shift time and space. Demonstrated to Nithyananda and other students were powers such as levitation, the ability to use sound to break objects, and the ability to transfer yogic postures to others simply by hugging them.

Another of the teachers focused on sharing the ancient teachings, the Vedic scriptures, about enlightenment with Nithyananda.

When it was time for the teachings in the vedic scriptures to be given all the masters insisted that Nithyananda take the herb Haritaki. Haritaki is the fruit of the tree, which has been dried and made into powder. This Haritaki powder has for many people an unpleasant taste. His teachers insisted that he take the Haritaki because he was being prepared to teach millions of people the essence of these Vedic Scrpitures and he needed to be fully in tune with the teachings.  Haritaki was recommended as a direct aid to his enlightenment. We see now that Nithyananda is in fact teaching millions of people about these scriptures.

It is recommended that you take Haritaki every day, ideally in the capsule form as the powder form.

Organic Haritaki is preferred.

Our recommendation is to take Organic Haritaki Plus- Yogic Super Brain Food from Kailash Herbals.

This brand of Harataki has been blessed by Nithyananda to increase higher consciousness and enlightenment.



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