3 top tips to develop Intuition

By on May 8, 2014
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How do we develop intuition?


What is intuition and how the heck do we develop it? How useful for enlightenment is intuition?

That was a conversation recently amongst a group of spiritual students.

Joan had a story;

She had been married for 12 years, in a relationship where the husband was domineering at times. After a particularly tempestuous argument she left the house crying and deeply upset. Driving down the road she was so upset that she emoted and released all the years of suppressed energy by screaming and crying  like never before. She suddenly heard a disembodied voice “You don’t have to stay with him you know” She was shocked and awakened and relieved.  Waves of clarity descended on to her. “Really? That is True!” It was as though a vast floodgate of possibility had opened up.  That was the beginning of a whole new freedom that took her into liberation from that relationship and from the habit of being obligated and bound by the power of others.

These strong messages at turning points in people’s lives are very common and powerful influencers of life direction. If they choose to listen to them.

So intuition is there for us all to tap into, but what stops it?

Well let’s look at a typical situation. Joan is getting ready for work, running around the house on her morning routine, dishes, hair, getting kids ready for school. Her intuition scans the future and sees that there is going to be a car accident in 30 minutes that she will be involved in unless she walks to work.  Her intuition sends her a message. Her thoughts are preoccupied with her to do list. She ignores. As time passes her intuition finally pulls out all the stops and shouts “You need to walk to work today or else!”  This finally gets through the mental chatter and she stops for a second. However the thought, “Why would I walk to work? I never walk to work” overrides the intuition. She gets into her car, has a car crash and tells all her friends “You know I had the strangest feeling that I should not drive to work today, but I ignored it”

What stops intuition is the constant inner chatter of thoughts that provide a background static to life. As we reduce the static we allow ourselves to become more aware of the intuitative messages and guidance.

We can become totally one with intuition also, and I have many experiences of that state, and here are two examples.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an enlightened master from South India is walking into a hall to speak to 1200 people. As he approaches the podium he turns to me and says “What am I speaking about today?” He is in such a state of oneness that he does not know what the advertized talk is about. I tell him it is about the Yoga Sutras.

He sits down and delivers the most amazing talk, full of stories that we have never heard before, woven into a complex delivery but always completing each point eventually. The audience is spellbound. As we walk out he turns to me and says “That was good wasn’t it?” He has been the observer of the flow of consciousness through him, as though he was channeling with his eyes open his whole body involved.

As the audience walk out of the hall I hear them saying to each other “I feel like he was talking directly to me” Such is the power of intuition to reach out to touch and inspire others.


We all have different ways of receiving intuition, and here are some ways:

  • Listening
  • Feel in body
  • Visual image
  • Message- symbol – indication

We can also ask for intuition:

  • Ask for a dream
  • Becoming receptive

Here is a simple intuition listening development practice

  • In meditation ask intuition for insights on topics
  • Before going to bed ask for guidance in dreams on a topic
  • Bring awareness to signs and indications around you that are there to guide you
  • Bring awareness to when you are stressed or upset, and dissolve the upset, because intuition cannot come through when distress and mental chatter is happening


  • The distance between you and intuition increases with more mental chatter
  • Listening to oneself  and the universal flow is the key to increased intuition
  • Completion on all topics brings inner silence, which then allows intuition to express even more clearly

A simple meditation

  • Every morning ask a question you want answers to, then sit quietly and breathe deeply, with awareness on the breath, for 5 minutes. Note what comes up for you. You may notice that the question triggers emotions and mental chatter. Resolve the emotional turmoil and breathe deeply to relax back into silence again. Keep a journal of your insights and report back next week!

For more information from Wiki on intuition click here 

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