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By on October 25, 2014
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Two and a half years ago, while doing research on the benefits of meditation and peace I came across research that shocked me.

The Transcendental Meditation group had conducted  extensive research over a period of several years, on the impact of peace meditation on crime rates.

They had enlisted the support of local police departments to provide the statistics on crime rates. Then they gathered large groups of meditators together to meditate. The effects were quite astonishing. There was a visible drop on the crime rate during and immediately after the meditation event. Violent crime rates dropped. The research was conducted in Washington DC and also in the Liverpool-Merseyside area of England.

We are hearing more and more from leading scientists and brain researchers about the interconnectedness of all. The research regarding meditation’s effect on crime rate indicates this interconnectedness is verifiable and real.

Just imagine…there is one group of people with violent thoughts, and violent plans. Another group of people is meditating close by, sending out vibrations that soften and counterbalance the first group’s thoughts, to the extent that they decide not to act on their intentions! Just imagine…A person with the intention to harm, changed his/her violent action, perhaps put down a gun or a knife, and did something non-violent instead.

This is powerful stuff.

The research inspired me to create a website where people could add in their meditation minutes and then click a button to see the reductions in violent crime.

As per statistics, I worked out that each minute of meditation reduces violent crime by 0.00015.  This means that 7,000 people meditating for one minute will eliminate one crime.

I then found information on the costs of violent crime in terms of dollar value, in a report by the US Federal Government.  The report provided the statistics I needed to work out that when crime is reduced, the cost saving is .20 cents per minute of meditation.

I then asked a buddy of mine Kailash Karigar, to create the web site. He added in calculations that indicated the changes that increasing minutes were having on peace over crime. He delightedly produced a great functioning site.

The Nithyananda group, based in India, was adding minutes daily to the site, and soon other groups joined in as well.

Within a few months we had reached 100 million minutes of peace meditation.

As I shared the information with other people, I heard so many great stories of how individuals were finding time to contribute minutes for peace. Some people reported meditating for a minute while on the bus going to work. Others reported adding minutes while on a run, at the bus stop, on the train, or while in a line up.

One of the most inspiring stories was from a man in a wheel chair. He said that as he is incapacitated and cannot do many other tasks, he is able to spend his day meditating on peace. He absolutely loves doing this in and around Vancouver, by the beach, or in a park. Next time you pass a person in a wheelchair who has their eyes closed, you may be witnessing a Peace Magnet in action, radiating and enriching humanity for hours at a time, with peace, love, joy and bliss.

Meditating on Peace

Meditating on Peace

stamps on the hand for peace

stamps on the hand for peace

We each have the awesome potential to be a Peace Magnet in every moment. When we set out to live in joy and bliss as our mantra we are also setting ourselves up to be a Peace Magnet.

Today the site has just passed the ONE BILLION MARK!

This means, according to my calculations, that the meditation minutes added by people from thousands of cities and hundreds of countries has had the effect of reducing crime by 150,000 crimes! The saving in the cost of crime is estimated to be $20 million.

Truly each small step makes a difference. Huge hurdles can be overcome when we inspire each other.

My suggestion is that we each set aside some minutes a day to meditate, knowing that it is adding to peace in the world. Every few days, or week, or month, go to the web site and log in your minutes.

Thanks again for the opportunity to express inspiration, love and joy!

I think you will really enjoy this video that explains some of the science behind the results we have been using to show that minutes for peace do affect the rates of crime and also the cost of crime. CLICK HERE

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