Increasing Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

How to develop unconditional love?

How to develop Unconditional love for enlightenment

The Compassionate one is the person  who could stand in the place of unconditional love and choose a response that was the best for themselves, the world and the other person. We could call this an enriching response.

This unconditional love will still have all the options open for response, ranging from support through advice to putting the person in prison!

It is the inner space that determines whether the person is acting from unconditional love or not. With their hearts wide open they could have any one of these responses:

 I love you and…

o   I Support

  • You have my support

o   I Discuss

  • To create understanding for both of us
  • To negotiate a solution

o   I Advise

  • By offering Wise council
  • Clarifying to cut through what I see as your confusion

o   It is best for you for us and for the world if you Take your Medicine

  • We are sending you to rehab
  • You have to do your time in Jail
  • I have done all I can and it is time for you to Figure it out on your own
  • Get away from me, you are dangerous to me


Review this list below and write down how you would respond to each scenario in your life. Place yourself in the role of the person identified at the beginning of each item on the list.

  1. You are a wife. Husband wants to take a job in Outer Mongolia, there is no room for you the wife to go.
  2.  You are a wife. Husband wants to spend money on beer that the family does not have.
  3. You are a wife. Son wants to marry a girl you don’t like
  4. You are a wife. Daughter wants to have a baby that you don’t want
  5. You are a wife. Husband has an affair and then wants to come back to you
  6. You are a husband. Wife has an affair and then wants to come back to you
  7. You are a wife. Your kids want to go live with their dad
  8. You are a son. Your mother will not bail you out of jail, or will not lend you the money you need
  9. You are a husband. The wife wants to spend money of her own on stuff for the family

Review Again: Now go through the list again. This time respond to the situation from the place of unconditional love, with your heart open and all the options open to you: Support, Discuss, Advise or It is best for us and the world if you take your medicine.

Learn from the exercise:

Once you have done that you will probably notice that you will have seen patterns of behavior in the first set that are not unconditionally loving, perhaps anger, frustration, submission patterns.

Practice your learning:

Take a few minutes a day for the next 5 days and visualize yourself responding to each situation with open hearted love and ease to create solutions that are best for the person, yourself and the world. When you do this you will find that many situations will suddenly start to look different. Situations that you encounter frequently will suddenly change as you see them through the space of an open heart to all.

Unconditional Love for spiritual enlightenment is one of the most powerful, amazing techniques to shift your consciousness rapidly into constant joy and bliss. Enjoy and let me know how you get along with this!