How to create Daily Joy

By on February 2, 2016
Daily Joy, leading to enlightenment

 Daily joy is our birthright, leading to enlightenment

The Spirit that moves our physical body is not a sad spirit. The Spirit that reveals itself after death is also not a sad Spirit. Spirit’s expression is one of radiant joy, unconditional love, and rapture.  It is only our mental constructs that keep us from experiencing Its joy of life in every moment.

I have seen thousands of people sad at the death of a loved one. I have also witnessed the pure joy of those who have tuned into the space of the departed person.

For every so called “bad” incident, I have seen people who breeze through the situation, radiating joy as they do so. Somehow they have fallen in tune with Spirit and are expressing Its essence.

Feeling, expressing and finding joy are all doorways to opening to Spirit, more and more.

Most of us know that joy is good for us and that it is our inherent nature. Why aren’t more people living joyful lives?

Brain researchers point out that parts of our brain are wired to protect us. These parts find concern around every corner of life. As the brain feeds these parts, we disconnect from Spirit and instead become embroiled in the manifestations of concern: worry, fear, sadness. Researchers indicate that this protective pattern is very strong and is only rewired through conscious action.

To think happy thoughts should do it then, right? Wrong!

Researchers indicate that just thinking one happy thought is like pushing a large boulder uphill. As soon as the thought ends the boulder (concern, worry, etc) comes rolling back on top of us and we feel squashed.

The solution is what sages have been saying for millennia: cultivate a conscious space of joy, grace, appreciation and love, through daily action. Over to you!



Information on  Joy and Happiness from Harvard University

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I am an internationally known explorer, the first person in the world to lead expeditions to the 3 extremes, North Pole, South Pole and Everest. I went on to lead the Pole to Pole 2000 project, that inspired 63 million youth to take action for a healthier planet, the documentary was featured on prime time TV worldwide. I then spent 7 years studying and teaching enlightenment with the remarkable enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda in India and worldwide. I continue to teach worldwide.


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