Spiritual Life Coaching

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Spiritual Life Coaching takes you to the ultimate Success

What is success in life? Is it money, love or fame or health or happiness?

A Spiritual Life Coach can help you define this, and create an action plan to create your ultimate success.

I say that it is the ability to be joyful all the time AND experience outer world goals, such as the lifestyle you aspire to with the loves you enjoy.

That is what spiritual Life Coaching is all about. 

Most people go about life the wrong way. They think that they need to get stuff to be happy. They get caught on this treadmill of working to achieve to be happy  all their lives and, it turns out that 90% of people on their death beds say they wished they had lived a happier life.

When we take the logical approach and begin from the inside out we open ourselves to the most amazing possibilities. Learning how to be joyful all the time is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

This joy leads us to having lots of energy for creativity. We then create at work; we create at home, our energy of creativity cuts through procrastination and delay. This dynamic energy moves us into the realm of being unstoppable, because our mind does not go towards the fear based failure scenarios.

The joy leads to our relationships being powerful and loving. Complaining and upset people do not like to be in our presence.  Instead we attract people towards us who enjoy happiness, enjoy laughter, and enjoy sharing success and dynamism. Joy naturally increases the health of the body. Spiritual Life coaches help develop this energy in us.

Extensive medical research has shown time and time again that the causes of disease are rooted in dis-ease, lack of ease, in the mind and emotional set up. People who worry tend to get stomach problems. When you contact us for spiritual life coaching we will conduct an inventory of your stresses and strains and then coach you to reduce and remove each one, so you can live a beautiful spiritual life.

People who hold back emotions become constipated. Spiritual Life Coaching involves a 7 step process of development and refinement as we work towards the vision and goals that have been laid out. These steps are:

  1. Create vision and goals
  2. Upgrade Core Strength
  3. Upgrade Wealth Attitude
  4. Upgrade Health Strength
  5. Upgrade Relationship skills
  6. Strategize actions
  7. Master  Massive Expansion

The first step is to create an action plan for the results that they have been looking for but unable to achieve.

Coaching to create the vision and goals involves brainstorming and defining and clarifying until the vision is identified and tight. We look at the opportunities that you are missing. And hidden problems that could be sabotaging the results in life that are desired The coaching session has the end result of  you leaving the session renewed, invigorated and inspired to get the results faster and easier than ever before or even thought possible.

We each have core strengths; our success in life to date indicates this. We must have been developing strength to even consider having the energy and perception and ability to consider taking on coaching.

In upgrading your core strength we look at activities that help you become even clearer, more present, more joyful and resolute in your calm joyful inner space. We also look at ways that you self sabotage, procrastinate and otherwise create drama and upset. We look at each of these and develop solutions that address each.

The biggest goal in mastering your psychology is understanding how to create positivity in every situation. We have to be aware of the depth of our negative thinking, their emotional roots and causes.

As we catch the surface thinking of positivity and negativity we begin the process of eliminating out the negativity, and our deeper connection with the inner space of clarity, love and joy expands and becomes our operating system. If you are wishing to be engaged in spiritual life coaching then please contact me at this e-mail address: enlightenmenthow@gmail.com

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