4 Fast Ways to become Enlightened

By on May 21, 2014
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Many masters and teachers of enlightenment have said that enlightenment is our natural state, just disguised by personal habits, cultural upbringings, and thought patterns.

How can we break these patterns easily?

Here are fast ways to become enlightened; each one is quite different. Today, we begin with laughter.

When we laugh wholeheartedly we can fall into a no-thought zone, where all is bliss.

In order to practice this technique we need to aim to laugh for 42 minutes or longer.

At first the laughter can be strained and hard to continue, but the more we give ourselves up to the sound and the feeling, the more the body glows with joy and the feeling expands into our every pore. We are literally increasing the energy at the DNA level.

To get started, it is good to look at some laughter videos. My favorite is the laughing babies’ video listed here. This features four babies laughing just for the fun of it, and it is bound to trigger a joyous response in you, too. The innocence of the laughter is what is so much fun.

There are laughter yoga classes around the world, which use a number of processes to trigger laughter. Laughter yoga was developed by a doctor in India and has since spread worldwide. I highly recommend these yoga classes. You can find a link to their web site here.

The best way to develop your laughter is with some friends. Gather together with a good microphone and speaker system. Pick the most outrageous of your friends, give them the mic, and get them going with laughter.

The group will not be able to hold back; the sidesplitting results can keep you going for a long time. Move the mic around so you also catch the shy, the unsuspecting, and the bizarre noises some people make as they laugh. Each new variation of laughter will have you rolling on the ground in agony from laughing so hard.

As we laugh, we create distance from our life situation and from thoughts that remove our constant joy. We can use laughter very scientifically, as a surgeon does a knife, to remove thought patterns that are disabling us.

The best way to do this is to write down the most disturbing thoughts we are having. For example: “I am worried about our big worries.” Begin the laughter session. Really get into it so that your whole body is glowing and alive with laughter.

When you are at a peak of joy, pull out the paper, read it, and continue to laugh. The first time you do this, you may immediately be triggered back into the worry. The second time you do this you may find that the worry itself is laughable. The third and fourth time the worry will appear to be someone else’s drama that you are watching with amusement. You have created freedom from the worry. You can now move on to the next pattern of disillusionment that you want to clear up.

One of my friends is a master teacher of teachers. She works for a major city school board teaching the teachers how to improve their classroom skills. Her worry was that she was not good enough, and this drove her to over-prepare and consistently experience performance anxiety.

When this came up in a group laughter session, the whole group burst out into uproarious laughter. The irony of it was too much! She too got the joke and joined in, hesitatingly at first, then with wholehearted amusement at the silliness of it all, and how long she had kept up this obviously nonsensical charade. The mold was broken; from now on her teaching would be even more practical and powerful, with increased joy and clarity.


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