What is a Saint?

By on October 25, 2014

The Catholic Church as just announced that Pope Paul will be named as a saint by the Church soon.

This has stirred a lot of controversy in the media because during his reign as Pope there was the ongoing cover up of massive pedophilia scandals.

As Maureen Dowd writes in the New York Times “… given that he presided over the Catholic Church during nearly three decades of a gruesome pedophilia scandal and grotesque cover-up, he ain’t no saint.”

To my mind a Saint is a person whose actions and presence radiate divine consciousness, as evidenced by their peace, love and clarity. They are an inspiration and a role model to others.

I would love to see the Catholic Church recognize saintliness in people of other religions and non religions who display the qualities that they identify as those of a saint.

As we can see with a quick scan of history there are many extraordinary saintly people different religions and non religions. Here are just a few examples: from Buddhism: The Dali Lama, and Kalu Rimpoche, Hinduism: Ramana Maharshi, Amma, Sikhism: Guru Nanak, Islam:  the poet Rumi, Native American: Chief Seattle.

By studying their lives and their perspectives we awaken within ourselves the inspiration, the motivation and determination to display their qualities.

From an energetic perspective as we study we also stir the same high consciousness residing within us that they have displayed in their lives. The more focus we put on this consciousness the more it becomes evident in us

Everyone reading this is a saint or a saint in training so take time to set a strong intention to awaken the saint, take action and watch with wonder the unfolding.


I see spiritual enlightenment as a component of sainthood, and encourage you all to set that as a goal for yourslf, and then take steps towards that goal.

Spiritual Life Coaching is all about discovering the Saint inside you. Not only discovering the Saint, but bringing that Saint to reality for you in your life.

To read the New York Time story go here:

To be inspired by a more inspiring  saints story go here:

This poetry is from an enlightened saint from the Sufi tradition. Rumi


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