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How to Reach Enlightenment Course 

The Goal Note: I use enlightenment and bliss interchangeably in this write up. For me enlightenment and bliss are synonymous for the same state.

In this workbook our goal is to help you increase your space of enlightenment and bliss level from where you are at currently to a much higher level.  How much you increase your daily experience of bliss depends on you and your dedication to this task. We can give you the tools, and you will apply them as you have time and inclination. Even a small bit of attention every day does make a difference.

Our recommendation is that you apply maximum intensity.  We see this goal of living in constant bliss as the ultimate expression of human consciousness, and a truly extraordinary way of living that we encourage you all to strive for.

Let us define Enlightenment and bliss again for you: Enlightenment and bliss is happiness without reason or cause. Just overflowing joy and happiness for no reason. Bliss is our natural state, but it is often hidden from us under layers of thoughts and emotions. We have developed these thoughts and emotions over years from early childhood events and societal learning. Unfortunately we have very few models of constant bliss around us to emulate, so we grow up believing that life is for happiness, happiness based on some external experience, such as the new car, the job, the relationships etc. In fact when we study those people who do live in bliss we find out: Bliss is a flowing constant joy and happiness that is present all the time no matter what is happening in the outer world.

Because of this bliss state, people also exhibit other qualities including:

·         High energy

·         Great creativity

·         Increased productivity

·         Increased health

·         Reduced signs of aging

·         Great love and compassion

·         Innocence and simplicity

·         Great clarity on issues and solutions

·         Become more interested in helping others, environmental and humanitarian activities

·         Are an inspiration for others


What Enlightenment and bliss is not!

Many people have the concept of Enlightenment and bliss of being “Zoned Out” a product of mind or drug induced states where there is little action, little regard for the world or care for others. An ”I could not care less” state.

This is not the case, constant bliss leads us to be actively engaged in life often in service of others.

Enlightenment is not:

  • Avoiding responsibilities
  • Disregard for others
  • Uncaring for the environment
  • Disregard for societal rules
  • Withdrawal from interaction
  • Ignoring dangerous situations


In summary:  This is the Ultimate and Ideal way of living as a human being.

The average person reports having moments of bliss about 5-10% of the day

In studies most people report experiencing moments of bliss just a small percentage of the time each day. Unfortunately people who live in what we would consider the best conditions in the world report the least amount of bliss! Recently students at a Los Angeles beachside University, studying dance, reported a level of only 5-10% bliss on a daily basis. These students live in what most people in the world would consider the ideal conditions.  By contrast the Sherpa people living in the high Himalayas of Nepal report much higher levels.

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 There is a great video about  how to reach enlightenment from a western perspective here

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Spiritual enlightenment is truly the goal of life, and its value is immense. In monetary value it will shift your proirities and save you over half a million dollars in a lifetime, because of funds you would spend on entertainment and distractions.