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Meditation blossoms your inner being, that space of clarity, calmness and inner knowing.

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The BIGGEST meditation question of all time:

The most usual questions brand-new meditators ask me are “When will I feel more at ease meditating?” “How do I stop the mind from chattering away with me?” “When will I stop having a lot of mind wandering ideas?”.

Because we are alive vibrant beings, thoughts, ideas, sensations, and sensations in our bodies are a typical part of our human experience– even while meditating. This is all quite normal. As we meditate more so we will begin to discover that the mind noise will reduce some days, and other days it may be very busy. This variation is quite natural, and the fluctuations are all dependant on what is going on in our emotional world; more apparent stress means we will have more thoughts in meditation. When we handle life well our meditations may begin more quietly.

Below are a couple of tips to support your experience:.

  • Take a long deep breath: When you have ideas and feelings throughout mind-calming exercise, simply be with them. Then, take a moment to notice your breath. Allow your breathing to delicately bring you back to center. Take this deep breath all the way into the base of your lungs to areas where you may have not breathed in a long time. Feel your stomach relax.
  • Gentle acceptance: Rest into knowing that your experience is perfect as it is … there is no destination apart from discovering today, minute by minute, in silence. See your thoughts without attaching any meaning to them– allow them to flow through your mind as clouds do across  the sky.
  • Go back to the core sound : When you see  that you are caught up with your thoughts and are no longer repeating the sound, simply return your awareness back to the sound and continue duplicating it. As you take part in the practice in this way, after a bit of time, the sound will begin to erase thoughts as they arise.

It is truly remarkable that you have embraced this new path, and the concept of yourself as living an enlightening life. I am so happy that you have actually welcomed us to be part of your journey. I encourage you to use our complimentary online resources to get more information about enlightenment and meditation and discover the many free resources offered on our site and from other teachers.

Please keep checking back to us so that we can continue to support you with your mind-calming exercise practices.

Spiritual Enlightenment is available for us all to experience, and meditation is the best way to begin the to experience enlightenment.


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