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By on November 24, 2015

Today I want to quote from the amazing enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

He is always producing new and mind blowing ways of looking at life. The concept that he presented today I found particularly  mind blowing.

He speaks about assets and the value of different assets. For me as a life coach the words have a very particular resonance that I will explain later. Here is the quote:

Are you Working with Depreciating Asset, Appreciating Asset or Exponentially Appreciating Asset?

“If your perception about you is based on the Consciousness, if your perception about you is neither based on your beauty and health, nor based on your beauty and health or based on your mind’s abilities, it is based on your conscious space, the space you carry, the being you carry, the consciousness you carry, the idea you have about you, understand, you have exponentially appreciation asset. Kaala brings you bliss.

If you are just based on your beauty, you have exponentially depreciation asset. If you are built on your health, you have depreciation asset. If you are built on your mental abilities, knowledge, you have appreciation asset. If you are built on your consciousness, you have exponentially appreciation asset. ”

– Paramahamsa Nithyananda

What I particularly like about this quote is that it takes our current understanding and values that we put on assets and turns them on their heads!

As a Life coach many of my clients are looking to build up their assets, but when they speak about assets they are speaking of financial assets. The above quote turns this concept totally in its head. When I researched the amount that people spend on beauty products in their life, it adds up to an average of $500,000 per person! This money is spent on a depreciating asset as Swamiji would put it. Instead if that money, or the time put in of $500,000 worth of time invested in the exponentially appreciating asset would yield amazing results!

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