How to Increase Desire

By on October 25, 2014

2 Big Realizations about Purpose and Desire, and how thy relate to becoming enlightened

We all think we have a purpose in being on the planet. Equally, we all have desires for what we want in life.

Do they all make sense?

Ideally all our desires act as a series of stepping stones to assist us in our purpose.

Are our desires and purpose in alignment with each other? How to get them in line?

A group of us explored these questions and came up with some wild observations as to how our short term goals conflict with our long term reasons for being on earth.

The desires listed included: to have a big red truck, to sleep in, to be a dad, to be a mom, to eat sweet stuff,  to enjoy nature, to love all, to enjoy every moment,  and to radiate love and enlightenment.

However when we  then compared this list with our list of purposes in life, we found alarming discrepancies!

Mark: My purpose is to be the backbone of my family

Joan: my purpose is to be a mother

Harry: My purpose is to love

What has the desire for a big red truck got to do with the purpose of wanting to live life loving all?

Harry saw that the desire for a big red truck was causing him to shut his heart to love for all. He was focused on desire and the energy of greed rather than being open to the flow of love.

Emily also had the desire for a big red truck, but noticed that for her it was not a distraction from her purpose of being present with all that is. It was just a part of the human experience, as going to work, planning for supper and other choices that she considers. She was able to be with all these choices in the energy of love.

As we investigated purpose more we saw that even what we hold as core purpose of life was not really true!

There were 2  Big Realizations from this exercise; firstly that we do all have desires and we all have purpose, but we don’t spend a lot of time discovering the core energies behind these two. We just grab a desire and run with it, spending time and energy on nurturing it to fruition. But when crossed checked against our purpose we find that it does not stand up to scrutiny!

Secondly, we discovered that the same comment about unthinkingly assuming a goal can applies to our purpose also. We grab a purpose without really looking at its ultimate truth for us. For instance the purpose that we give to ourselves is to be a mother. What happens if we do not become pregnant? Is our life purpose unfulfilled? For many of the group this question had never been looked at.

Two questions for you to answer:

Exercise for you to do:

What are your desires? Write a list of your top 10 desires using a top of the mind process, by quickly writing whatever comes to mind quickly without a lot of analysis.

Write your purpose in life. Write a sentence only that describes what you consider to be your purpose in life.

Next step: Compare your list of desires with your purpose and note any desires that are not in alignment with the purpose.

Examine the desires again from the perspective of doing them with the energy of your purpose. Are you able to work on the desires and either achieve or drop them with the same energy as the energy of the purpose.

Make a note of your learning’s as a diary entry.

Examine Purpose again from the perspective of what will happen to you if you either fulfill your purpose or if you are not able to fulfill it. For instance if your purpose is to be a mother but you are unable to become pregnant is your life unfulfilled? What happens to you? If you are a mother and your children grow up and move to live far away are you fulfilled or unfulfilled?

How are you planning to be fulfilled?

Rewrite your purpose again with the goal of being fulfilled constantly by remembering your purpose.

Add in Visualization

Now visualize how you are when you are on purpose. What is your body language? Create a strong visualization that you can connect with very rapidly

Add in Emotion

Now add the emotion of fulfillment to the visualization. Whatever you are doing and being in the visualization add in the emotion of complete fulfillment, freedom,  and oneness

Plan to Implement

Every morning review your purpose statement, and then spend 1 minute visualizing the purpose in action from a space of complete fulfillment, full of the emotion of freedom and oneness.

Enjoy this exercise and enjoy the space of enlightenment that it creates!

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Here is a great video on enlightenment and desire

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