New Book : How to Eliminate Worry

By on November 11, 2015
My New Book, How to Eliminate Worry will be out soon. You can purchase it from Amazon

If you worry, grab this book and read it as soon as possible, multiple times. This 5-minute read will have you laughing at your worry patterns, and dropping mental burdens.
Your concerns collapse, misery mellows, delight develops and suddenly you enjoy life far more. Friends and family will like you better, want to spend time with you, and hold you in higher esteem. Sounds like utopia? This is just the beginning!
The book has two sections, the first describes the ongoing ravaging effects of worry on health, emotions and friendships. The second section lays out the freedom and creativity that flows when worry is put aside. Readers report that reading the book multiple times creates alarming signs of ease, joy and contentment.

My New Book, How to Eliminate Worry will be out soon. You can purchase it from Amazon

My New Book, How to Eliminate Worry will be out soon. You can purchase it from Amazon

“How the heck do I stop worrying?” is a FAQ at the meditation group that I run.  One evening the question come up so many times, that after the class I lay in bed and I suddenly started to get a stream of visual images and comments about worry. I jumped up, and started writing down the ideas, and images to go with them using the reliable Google Image search. In a couple of hours I had the outline of this mini book in place. I hired a graphic artist and by the next week had it printed for the meditation group.

Students reported great success with the book, some even reading the book on breaks at work. Then requests came wanting more copies of the book to pass on to friends, culminating in publication of this booklet

Readers report is that they feel like they are seeing the truth and impact of their worries for the first time. This provides motivation for them to take action and break the pattern of worrying.

I hope this provides you with the inspiration and motivation to drop your worries and live a far more joyous life.


How do I know if I am progressing at eliminating worry?

There are progressive stages:

  1. I believe my worries are real
  2. I understand that some worries are not really true.
  3. I realize I have a pattern of worry that I can break.
  4. I am able to stop worrying.
  5. I can laugh at/with myself when my mind creates a worry, and I easily shift my inner space.

As you read the book over the 20 days you will find that you will fluctuate up and down these 5 stages, and progressively find yourself landing at stage 5 more and more.

You can order the book here

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